Blåfargeverket and the Kobolth mins, Åmot, Norway


Here I went with my best friend Tirill to the blue dyework. The cobalt mines are a short distance away by car and some walking. The Blue Dyeworks is a free attraction, but a tour of the Cobalt Mines costs a little money as it is a guided tour. For a Historic Mining Trip it costs 249kr for an adult, and 160kr for children from 6-15years. Their website is: 

We started at the blue dyework, where we looked at a lot of different figures, different stones, places, shopped for some nice figures to use for decoration. Took lots of pictures, ate bagette and drank soda.

There are several souvenir shops around the area, which have figures with the special blue color. Slightly different buildings and beautiful natural areas on site. Where they show how they make this color, different elements they use and several different shapes and stones. As well as historical figures. When we were done there, we decided to head on to the Cobalt Mines. Which is then a short distance away from the blue dyework, by car.

We drove on a forest road, further and further away and into where the parking lot of the mining site was. We then walked past some historic buildings and museums that we stopped by on the way. When we got to the reception/souvenir shop, we signed up for a historic Mining Tour, this was the last mining trip of the day so we made it on the spot, right on time.

We had a guide, who first showed us and told us about the various museums and buildings we had already been in, so we saw it again, but now with the actual history as well. Eventually, the guide led us to the actual mine walk, where we were given a helmet to wear. In the mines, the guide told the story of how people had worked in mines and much more.

In the mine itself there were suspension bridges and glass floors. If you have a fear of heights, you get to challenge the fear here, you have to go over the suspension bridge to move on, and it's high down. The glass floor is optional.

All in all a unique and exciting trip, the price is good, the areas are beautiful. The actual Blue Dye Works and the Cobalt Mines with Museum, history, nature, small shops, some cafes and more were great and you learned a lot. It's worth a visit!

But a little tip: Wear good shoes, because there is a lot of walking which can then make you get a little pain in your feet.