Challenges part 3


1. Went to Japan alone, signed up for a group tour. Two weeks with the group, one week alone. 

You can read about this on my blog posts about Japan and how it has been on the trip, the first blog post came in September. In short, this has been a fantastic journey, the best trip and in the best country. I learned a lot about Japanese history and culture, visited various temples, learned to make sushi, made friends from different parts of the world, went to amusement parks, tasted a lot of different food and much more. 

2. In june I had Internship at a hotel.

In june I had internship at a hotel. It was my first time working at a hotel, you can read more about this in the post internship at Skjolden hotel. A fantastic hotel, with great scenery around and nice people. 

3. Pole hunting, you see what I meen in the first picture below.

Went for a walk with my roommate Birgit. We tried the app "stolpejakt", which shows us a map where we can find woode poles. This means that you get out into nature and are "dragged" around looking for poles that were now in Sogndal. When we get to the various posts, they are marked on our map, so it is easy to see where one is. There are different "hardness requirements" on the trails, so you can choose according to shape and what you want to do. We also took a trip to the school where we played, among other things, table tennis.