Health trip to Bergen.

From sunday to tuesday.  
I drove to Bergen and put myselves on a hotel called Radisson blue hotell. The hotel was near Bryggen in Bergen, right by the carpark house. It is expencive to have the car in a carpark house.😲On the webside of the hotel, it did not say anything abouth that, so be aware that the parking is not included in the price of the hotel. 

I will say that Radisson blue is a business hotel. 
It is a very nice hotel, clean, big hotelroom with big bath and a desc to do homework on. Refrigerator and a closet for clothes, in addition to good view. 

They were environmentally friendly in that they had a note that we could use a towel twice for example, they would donate so and so many percent to charity, which is very good. The breakfast was very good too, with its buffet with bl. a egg and bacon. Several of the waiters were there and asked if we wanted coffee or taste various items they wanted to present. It was great. 

There was also a gym and sauna at the hotel. I tried the gym and there are a few machines, like running equipment, a bike, weights and rowing machine. If more people wanted to work out on the same thing, it did not work because it was just a few machines, but it works. There was a water dispenser and plastic glasses, so you could help yourself when you were thirsty during the workout.

I went to see a pulmonologist at Volvat in Bergen because of my asthma, which has gotten worse. Got a new medicine and is waiting for the results of some blood tests.

In the meantime, I went to the aquarium in Bergen. It was easy to get from the pier to the aquarium as there was a small ferry boat called Biffen, which carried me across the water in just 10 minutes. From the ferry landing I walked 2-3min and then found the aquarium.

Unfortunately, I came at the same time as many school classes, so it was quite full in the aquarium. But I got to walk around and see anyway. Then even at a seal show where they showed off what they had been training for. According to the seal trainers, one needs exercise to live a good life, especially when living in an aquarium. Very nice for school classes as they can learn a lot, and others like me who went there for fun, also learned some stuff. 

At the aquarium there were everything from seals to penguins, to fish, tarantellas, crocodiles and snakes. In addition, they focused a lot on the environment, everywhere in the aquarium. Stood on doors not to throw plastic into the ocean, to keep the world from destroy the planet and more. 

All in all, this was a great trip, I was at the aquarium, received health care, had a great time at the hotel in addition to finishing a work requirement. FINALLY I went shopping at the shopping centre, and the next day I got in the car and went home, then to Sogndal.