Weekend trip to Kiel, Germany with my best friend


 Tirill and me on a trip to Kiel, Germany with Color Magic.

Amazing view from the cruise ship. This was a spontaneous trip, we decided a few days before we were going to leave so nothing was planned.

Since it was so spontaneous, we didn't think about checking opening hours. I can't remember if it was because it was Sunday, or if it was a public holiday, but when we arrived in Germany, all the shops were closed, so there was no shopping for us. Tip; Even if it's spontaneous, it is important to check if anything is open of what you want to see. We had cabins with sea views.

On board we went to the Show in Show Launch, here we bought drinks like Strawberry daicuiry and enjoyed the show to the fullest. A tip for you, pay attention to where you put the drink, don't put it on the crack in the table. I dropped my glass and splashed it down my friend's and my own pants and shoes. So embarrassing, luckily the waitress came and helped me clean it up.

After the show we went to the A la Carte restaurant to have dinner. We talked, enjoyed our meal and enjoyed ourselves. My friend sees a waitress coming towards us to clean the table, then he says "Now you can't touch and spill this time" My friend didn't understand what he meant, until I turned around and saw who it was, he was the one who helped me when I spilled on the show. It was sickly awkward, and I "died" of shame, while my friend laughed, and laughed and laughed. Otherwise, dinner was very good.

All in all it was a great trip, we were outside getting some air on the ship, we had a photo shoot even though we almost blew away, were at shows where they danced and sang, ate good food and on duty free where we bought candy.