Krakow, Poland


In 2019, I went on a trip with my grandfather and Aase. Here we experienced a lot.

We went sightseeing, were going to look at the market, but when we got there they packed up, we didn't make it. A little sad, but that's the way it is. We ate food at various cafes, and for some reason I wanted steak. But when I was ordering steak there are different types, I didn't understand how so what I was getting was some completely flat meat and a loaf of bread, didn't taste like usual. I had to go on that slam twice before I learned it wasn't the one I was going to order. 

But then we found a café, a kind of cowboy restaurant, recommended by mom as she had been there before once. At the restaurant there was very good food, real steak among other things, and incredibly large portions. It's like we could have split a portion in half, but it was worth it! 100%

Below here you can see that we are sightseeing, looking around the city itself, we also go to a shopping center and do some shopping there. In the last two pictures, we are in the salt mines.

We were in the salt mines on a guided tour, it was cold and long and we walked down and down many stairs before coming to areas with walls covered in salt, figures of salt, crystals of salt and more. You were allowed to taste the wall if you wished, but imagine how many people have done it before you and probably in the same place, so we settled for just looking.

As you went inside and looked and talked to each other, it just became more and more salt, figurines and whole rooms made out of salt. There were also souvenir shops in the middle of the salt mine where you could buy small figurines made of salt or salt in general, as well as crystals of stone you can also find there.

In the pictures here is the guided tour which is mainly about the Holocoust and life at this time.

We were also on a guided tour in English at the Auchwitz concentration camp. We went there by a small communal bus that was with us all day, where we left the biggest bags behind during the walk. During this guided tour of Auchwitz and the surrounding areas, they taught us about how the prisoners had lived and what they had experienced during the Holocaust.

Although we have learned a lot about it in history at school, among other things, we learned a lot on this guided tour as well. We got to see throughout the camp, in buildings where students went to school and more. In the concentration camp we saw a lot of shoes and clothes especially children's clothes, it was heartbreaking. We also got to see where the prisoners were gassed to death and how little space they had to sleep and be on.