A little bit about what I am going to write about in this blog! <3


This blog, is a travelblog, even tho i am talking about the general things in life, and what my hearth feels like telling now and then. 

This blog is suposed to be about different travel Journeys, from camping, biking, hotel, hostel, travels all over the world, and life in general. From a day trip to a year long trip etc. I will also talk about new things I want to try out, or different challenges like bunjy jump, meet my biggest fear, or travel  to a new country, a country I have never been.

Here I have made a few bocxes with notes. One of them have every country of every continent in the world, the other one is challenges, the thirsd box is for themed travel's, like the fokus of the travel is on food, or differnt activities, or the culture. It wil also be length of  the trip, what kind of trip, like a city, bikepacking, small town, different sleepover opportunitues from tent to hotel, and different forms of transportation's on the journey.

When I am able to, I want to take notes from the boxes randomly and travel to the destination, the same with the activities. It makes a lot of exitement since you do not know where to go, or what to do before you look at the note.

If you have any tips with what you want me to talk about, or ad in challenges, places, activites, and maybe have some tips for me about starting a blog, a youtube channel, etc please comment in the comment place, or send me a message. I am happy about tips of any kind, or if you just want to send me a message.