My Bucket List


1. Japan, always been a dream to go here. 

2. Learning Japanese, incredibily exiting, but hard language to learn after my opinion, but facinating still.  

3. Bikepacking.

4. Be a traveler/tourist for more tan one week.

5. Bunjy jump.

6. Adrenalin journey in Cape Town.

7.  Be able to work and travel at the same time.

8. Be better at meeting new people.

9. Get rich, or make enough to live well, and be able to travel.

10. Work out a lot more, so I can be able to go on bikepacking. 

11. Get better at outdors life, tent trips, make food outside and more.

12. Get better at making food, in general.

13. Travel to every country in the entire world.

14.  Be able to helo someone that need it.

15. Work at an elephant sanctuary, help there maybe.

16. Backpacking in Asia, many different countries, if not them all.

17. Get really good at something.

18. Get really good with youtube, edit videoes and more.

19: Tandem jump: Finished. Was on top of my list, but since i already have done it, I wrote it a little further down.  V

20. Triatlon.

21. Iroman.

22. Bikepacking in Europa 1 - 2 month's.

23. Bikepacking the world 1-2 years, most likely in Asia and Afrika from my homeplace in Norway, Europe.

24. Make a good product/merchandise.  

25. Be able to start my own business.

26. Travel to a lot of different countries in Africa.

28. Travel to a lot of different countrues in Asia..

29. Get a van/caravan and live in it for a few years, be able to travel where you want, exactly when you want to do it.

30... It is a lot more, but cant think of it right now, i will fill more in eventually. It is in random order.  

What I have done I put a V on, and i will fill in the list eventually. Remember a bucket list can be really big things, things you dont now if you are able to complite or not, before you have tried it. It is suposed to be your biggest dreams, and dreams you can have but you don't have time for. It is important to take that time. 

You have to live while you can, life it to short to not feel happines about what you do. So do what makes you happy!