My first solo trip, to Amsterdam Netherlands


Last year I went on my first solo trip to Amsterdam! I've wanted to try out what it's like to go all by myself for a few years, and only then did I realize that dream. I did it!

I chose to try out backpacking, even though it was only 5 days. My goal was to learn and pack small but sensibly. The backpack I brought was labeled Gregory, 22L and a purse. There wasn't much room for souvenirs in it, but works well on a short trip.

I would also try to stay at the hostel, to see how it was. I had heard that it was easier to meet new people and it should be cheaper than hotels. Tried out a hostel and a two star hotel. They were two completely different places. At the budget hotel I got breakfast included in the price because I had a Norwegian passport, here there were 2 bunk beds and a single bed. There were 3 of us with me in this room. There were lockers we could put our stuff in, with key cards we could take with us. There were several showers and toilets in the hallway. Booked the hotel, Budget Hotel Tourist Inn, through  for one night, there it cost 548kr

In the hostel there were 5 bunk beds. Here I was lucky to start the day alone but in the evening all the beds were taken by both boys and girls, one bathroom was in the room, with shower and toilet. This room was on the 4th floor and there was no elevator. The stairs were both narrow and steep so one felt that one had to climb a mountain to get to the room. Here there were no locked cupboards, but some trolleys under the bed where we had to have our own locks to be able to secure our things. This hostel was called Hostel Warmoes, and was centrally located and cost approx. 2000kr for 3 nights. Booked hostel through hostelworld: 

Was a little nervous about several things including finding my way, meeting other people and eating out. But it went very well. I ate food at restaurants by myself, I made some new friends and went to various activities.  

I went with someone I got to know on the hostelworld app of the amusement park Efteling which was then 2 hours away from the hostel. We took all the carousels, the ghost houses, and we ate good food and dessert. 

If you want to go there one day you can click on the link here:  (Travelers Choice, Tripadvisor, 2018).  

I also got to know one through facebook on the Solo Female Travelers community. We went to Body Worlds, where there were real people on display, all body parts and organs, even a fetus. This was a special experience both exciting and fascinating.

If you want to read more about the exhibition of Body Worlds, if it travels around or stands still, you can click on this link here (2020, Gunther Von Hagens). 

Went sightseeing alone in Amsterdam. I found that it was great dessert and food like pancakes, apple pie, and steak. During my sightseeing, I went on a group trip on an open-roof boat that sailed through the Seine River. Here one learned a lot about the history, the houses, and the architecture.

This was a nice trip, I enjoyed myself and felt tough. But I've learned that I may need to book a trip a little earlier and check up a bit more about different hotels/hostels before I book.