Nice, France


Here my mom and I went to Nice for 6 days. The goal, first of all, was to relax and 

Stayed at 4 star hotel, Mercure Nice Centre Notre Dame. It's been a while since I've been there so don't remember how much we spent on an airplaine or the hotel, but we usually book hotels through mostly and fly with Norwegian.

On the roof of the hotel there was a small bar, where you could sit outside and enjoy drinks. They also had a sun terrace with a small pool and deck chairs. Here we sat after shopping and enjoying the sun to the fullest. Even though this was early in March, it was good and warm for us to wear a blouse and sweater, hardcore Norwegians as we are. Even though residents wore bubble jackets. Below here you see us in the bar and on the sunroof, as well as the sea which was approx. 10 minutes walk from the hotel.

The hotel was located on the corner of the main shopping street, Avenue Jean Médecin, at Notre Dame Cathedral as you can see in the last picture above. There is also a picture from the hotel roof down the shopping street in the first picture. We went to market, sightseeing, shopping, and some tours.

Above here you see pictures of a trip to the medieval village Eze Village, located on a cliff 450m above the Mediterranean Sea. It was a beautiful walk on cobblestones, in narrow, old and idyllic streets. Just before we reach the top, we came to a ticket office where you have to pay to get to the very top.

By then, you've already gone so far that you just pay and move on. There were amazing views, great flowers with explanations of each flower. There were shops where they sold souvenirs on the way up, and fortunately some bench space at the top where you could look out over the Mediterranean. Worth visiting.

Summarized, this is a beautiful and relaxing trip, where we sunbathed on the sunroof, walked down to the beach and sat there. Been to the market, looked around the city, shopped a lot, been on trips here and there, hikes, sightseeing trips and experienced the city itself, while eating good food, and drinking good drinks.