About the challenge's


Hi! :)

A little bit about what I am going to post forword. It will be at least one post a week, every thursday on this blog. Blog post like Challenges comes out every fifth week.

What is a challenge? It is different things you try and test out, things you maybe have never done before. It can be everything from eating a fruit you have never tasted, bunjy jump, get a new friend, rund a marathin, travel to a new country and more. It can be all or nothing. Possible and impossible thing's.

On the first picture i have a few boxes where i can pick diffrent challenges to do, wich country to go to, the next picture is the box of challenges, and some of the challenges is in the next to pictures.

If you want to come with suggestions for different challenges, funny, scary, exiting and more, please comment in the comment section, then I will add it to my box. It can be everything that is easy to do, and something that can seem impossible to do. The most important part is that you try and you deare to challenge yourselves to create new experiences and opportunities. Get one experience richer.

Please comment in the comment section or send me a message on reiseroglivet@gmail.com