Paris, France


Here I went with a good friend to Paris, France. She asked a few days before we left if I wanted to join and I said yes! The next day we booked, and two days after that we went on a trip.

It was a long time ago so I don't have so much pictures of the hotel itself but was a nice place. The hotel was called monsieur cadet hotel & spa. The receptionists were incredibly nice and gave us a map around the area where we were. We were warned to walk in a special street in the evening and the receptionist marked it on our map. We had ordered breakfast in advance, when we ate breakfast we always got chocolate. We drank cocoa, had breakfast and had a good time.

We are to people that wants to experience as much as possible when we are somewhere, in addition to relaxing and enjoying meals in restaurants and more. I especially liked the Hard Rock Cafe in Paris, where there were huge portions, with great food.

I'm very fond of Spearibs, so got a huge portion of this and my friend Mari a hamburger that was at least three times bigger than the one you can get at mcdonalds. At least it felt that way at the time. 

We were at the shopping mall, sightseeing around the city of Paris itself. Our transportation methods were mostly underground and walking. We looked at popular and famous buildings such as the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower.

We were all the way up in the Eiffel Tower, which was then 305 meters high on the top floor, the whole tower is 324 meters high, we took the elevator all the way up. My friend has a great fear of heights but still managed to join me all the way up to the top of the Eiffel Tower which is as far up as you can get, she even managed to stand at the edge and take the picture with me. Talk about challenging your fears, and what an amazing experience. 

On the second floor there was a glass floor we could be allowed to stand on, as you can see in the third picture below here, it tickled in our stomachs. 

We bought tickets when we were right by the Eiffel Tower, at the counter of this attraction. 

We were also at the Disneyland Paris theme park where we watched a parade, took rides and ate good food. On  it costs 664kr for a day ticket for one person to Disneyland. I think we actually bought a ticket when we were there, because we struggled a bit to figure out how to use the tickets when we were going to go into the park.

It was a great and enjoyable trip!