Prague, Czech Republic - part 2


Day 4 A Quiet day

Quiet day

Was a quiet day, we shopped at various shops from mall to regular shops located on the square.

It was something that happened right in the city centre when it seemed like there was a parade outside the National Museum, several people had flags but don't think we could figure out what it was.

We shopped some more and ate pizza at a restaurant we called lady and the tramp, as it looked a bit like that restaurant in the movie for real.

Here you see the picture of a shopping mall, which is in the shopping street. Mimosa Ristorante is the name of the restaurant, the Coke and Coke Zero you see in the next last picture, which tastes completely normal but has cool design og the bottles.

In the last picture you see a pizza with bacon and fried egg, I didn't think it was as good as it looked, the bacon could have been fried longer and the eggs a little smaller, but that's my opinion. Mom had ordered a pizza with arugula and cured ham, she thought it was delicious! A slightly more expensive restaurant, but good food.

Day 5 Charles Bridge, shopping mall, and ice cream.

The day started with a good breakfast at the hotel, before we walked to Charles Bridge.

Charles Bridge is a stone vault bridge over the Vltava (Vltava River) in Prague. On Charles Bridge there were many statues, which were then bridge saints.

After we had crossed the Charles Bridge and taken lots of pictures we walked around looking and looking, finally going up and up a huge long staircase, as we went up the stairs music started pouring out from a tower nearby. When we got to the top it was a huge castle, we took pictures and sat down on a bench and relaxed. We weren't inside the castle, but if you want to, it's possible.

Then we went and relaxed at the hotel before going to the mall.

As we walked out of the mall we saw a large rotating head, which we had seen on google maps but didn't quite know what was. It was simply a head that rotates around a couple of times, certain times during the day. I filmed and my mom laughed, as we waited 5 minutes to watch it. Mom said "was that all? Did we wait to look at it?" And we laughed, but thought that yes, now we've seen that too.

Then we bought waffle ice cream, with strawberries as a filling and soft ice cream on top. Which was very good and very powerful.

Day 6 National museum and Primark

The National Museum in Prague is huge, it contains everything from amphibians, insects, animals that they have made from gypsum, gystum plasterboards, skeletons, fossils, stones such as crystals and granite, famous people, Baroque times, different eras.

Good to know: It is a two-part museum, first we went into the main door of the National museum which was incredibly large, and looked there, before finding a long hallway that led to another building, in that building we went up the stairs many floors to get to the last parts of the museum.

The National Museum itself was the best in our opinion, so if you want to start slow with expectations and be surprised when there are lots of things to see on start with the other building and then walk through the long hallway to the National Museum itself. It's worth it, incredibly good museum in my opinion as there are lots of different things to look at and know about, and learn.

On getyourguid link: it says that it costs 271kr for the old town and past the queue admission to the National Museum. You don't have to pay to walk in the old town. We also didn't get past the queue ticket, we went to the museum and bought tickets there. Since I'm a student, I paid a little less than my mom who bought a ticket for an adult.

Primark is a huge shopping centre. Where we shopped, then went home to the hotel. 

Day 7: Back Home

Then we went straight home to Norway.