Roadtrip Norway - Sweeden with my sister, on a shopping trip


Roadtrip 2023, with my youngest sister Mathilde, for 6 days. The goal was to be at two different shopping centres.

We started by going to Nordby shopping center, and staying at hotel Nordby, before we went on to Charlottenberg where we would stay at a hotel.

This was essentially a shopping trip. We relaxed at the hotel and shopped at the Nordby shopping centre. It is good to have free parking right next to the hotel. Large and nice room. The only thing was that it was a little bad with locks on the doors. The veranda door was difficult to close so the air came in, otherwise good. It was possible to sit outside on the veranda. It was a good breakfast, with eggs and bacon. For accommodation in a 3-star hotel for an adult and a child for two nights, this cost SEK 2,690.

After we had checked out there, we went to Hotel Charlottenberg, where we slept for three nights. When we arrived in Charlottenberg it was a little too early to check in, so we left our things in the car and went to the shopping centre. After that we checked into the hotel. It was a 4 star hotel. Large, clean hotel. Good breakfast again, with eggs, bacon and pancakes. For three nights with breakfast included in addition for an adult and a child, this cost SEK 4,050. Here there was free parking at the hotel.

All in all, a cozy trip with shopping at the various shopping centers, relaxation and some walking tours here and there to get to know the area.