Spain 1


My first trip to Spain, Gran Canaria, was with a friend and her family in 2017. It was very cozy. It was also one of the few first times I had taken an airplane. I forgot to put my bag under the seat in front of me, so it glowed red in a lamp, so I learned that. In addition, we got food on the plane, it was a first for me, the food was perfectly fine and the dessert was good.

We slept in a big hotel, where my friend and I got our own room. The bedroom was large, with a living room as you can see in the first picture above. We had a balcony facing the pool. There was also a fridge and tv there too, real luxury! I see Spain as a destination where you relax and go to market places. We ate good food and delicious desserts. We were shopping and at the market. We bathed and sunbathed both at the hotel and on the beach, and we took a look around Gran Canaria.

Both the hotel area, pool and beach area, as well as the weather was very nice the whole week we were there! Very nice and cozy experience both with the family I was with and the area we were in.