Spain 2


Another time, I traveled with my family, my mom and dad, as well as my two little sisters to San Pedro, Del Pinatar in Spain, in 2019. There we borrowed a holiday home from a good friend of the family.

The holiday home had three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a shared living room and kitchen area, and patio with swimming pool. There was also a great roof terrace there. Good and nice space, just a short bike ride away from the beach.

We rented a rental car, which was just the right size. :) In the first picture here, you can see that we packed a large suitcase each, it barely fit in the rental car, but it went. We were at different shopping centers, on the beach and in the holiday home. We were at a market where they sold fruit and vegetables, as well as clothes and other exciting goods and souvenirs. We borrowed bicycles that were in the holiday home and rode around on them. My dad and I took a lot of bike rides, sightseeing tours, and fitness trips, as well as trips with the rest of the family as well. Again a cozy trip.