Tandem Jump


In 2019, I crossed off one of the highest wishes on my bucket list! I got tandem jump as a 20th birthday gift from my family, at "Skydive" Tønsberg. Mom has been trying to say no all along, but I said I was going to do it anyway, so she gave in in the end. ;) My little sister Mathilde, dad, mom, grandma and Besse were there. They had bought a parachute package, which contained pictures and film (Now it costs 4700-5700 kr.). Before I would jump, we had to go through a short safety course, which we watched on video. 

We took a tiny plane up to the sky, but I was strapped into my tandem partner so in a weird way I felt pretty safe. But I eventually noticed an important thing to be aware of before getting into the plane..... Do not tighten the belt in the groin too tight!! One does not think about the pull one gets when the screen is released!?

As we sit on the edge of the "cliff" and I can look straight down, I must say that my stomach tingles a little. Then we jumped out..... What a kick!! It was an indescribable feeling! What was harder in practice than what you had prepared for during the video was simply breathing! In the air and at speed, you don't have time to breathe! You actually have to concentrate a little bit. You feel like a fish over water. The cameraman filming follows us all the way down, but lands a little earlier to catch the landing. And it should be said ... The landing was perfect! 

Tandem jumping is highly recommended. But remember not to tighten the belt in the groin so tightly, because it ruined a bit of my experience. It is not so easy to enjoy the view, when the groin is crying for help ;)