Hadeland glassverk, Jevnaker, Norway


I traveled with my friend Mari, to Hadeland Glass works, which is located in Jevnaker. A lot of different things are both made and sold here, but they are best known for their production of various things in glass. There are many different shops as well as a café and restaurant. They also usually have an art exhibition there. The shops sell "everything" possible made of glass such as lamps, vases, cups, glasses, decorative items and more. They also sell locally produced ingredients such as cured sausage and juice. Honey and homemade candies are also sold. They have clothing stores, homemade candles and much more. It was possible to blow your own glasses as well and there was a small one-man show there, for little children.

There was also a restaurant in the area, and you could buy waffles. When we were there, quite a lot of the area was closed, as they were doing renovations there, so we didn't get to see everything. But still had fun. 

We ate at a pizza restaurant, where I ordered spicy chicken, it was very strong. Don't know what I thought about the spicy thing, but it wasn't what I should have ordered anyway, it was way too strong for me. Otherwise the food was good. 

On the way out again, we bought lollypops and some candy. Some sugar-free and some with sugar. All in all, a great and cozy trip where you learn a bit, and can buy something. Eat good food and enjoy yourself with a good friend.