Weekend trip to Oslo


Day 1:

Bus Hønefoss to Oslo:

Cozy trip to Oslo with Smash Room and Drag Show

I went here with a friend. (She didn't want to  be on pictures etc. so only talks about my experience of this trip, you have to respect that. That's why there are only pictures of me).

I was a bit stressed before the bus left, but I got on it.

I get so car sick, bus sick, plane sick. Then, of course, it got so clammy, hot and nauseous on the bus. Fortunately, it was only an hour's bus journey, but it was enough to get carsick.

Then I checked into Hotel Radison Blue: When I arrived there were two different Radison Blue hotels in Oslo, but I managed to find the right one on the first try, as it was right next to the city center stop. There is a long queue to check in at the hotel, but I got in eventually.

A little bit about the hotel:

This was a really large hotel room, with a decent view, large bathroom, bed, shower and bathtub. Great hotel!

Smash room what is it?

Smashroom is designed for you to smash, pulverize, destroy, wreak havoc and have real fun! Quite simply, it is a playground for adults. Whether it's after a stressful week at work, a celebration or even a first date, you'll always have a wonderful experience here. We fill the room with everything from glass, porcelain and computers to other familiar objects from everyday life. Here you can smash the refrigerator that has been creaking for several years or smash an entire car if you want. All this in safe surroundings with a clientele that wants you to have the best experience of Smashroom Read more and order on this page: https://www.smashroom.no 

It means that you use energy and physical strength and tools to crush various things. Very good if you need to get out some frustration, or think it's fun to destroy something. Below you can see me on my way to the Smash Room. This was my first time trying this out.

The entrance and the room:

It looks cool. Here you have to put personal belongings in a closet. Then put on the mandatory protective equipment which was gloves, hearing protection and lab glasses. In addition, it was optional to wear a white suit, but it was a good idea as shards of glass splattered everywhere. Then I took some pictures, and had someone else take pictures of me who was also going to smash room.

Here you can see the pictures after I put on protective equipment, before I go into the room.

In the smash room: The room here was for two people. In the room I was to be allowed to smash and turn on, there was fine porcelain, vases, glasses, tea cups and more that I could throw on a metal plate by the wall and smash. I could throw and smash small electronics such as PCs, toasters and egg cookers on the floor. As well as turn down with tools. There was also a really beaten up car that we could smash further. I think it was the funnest to smash small electronics like a TV, when you saw it completely break. The equipment that we could use, the tools to be able to help us and destroy things, included a large bat, a giant wrench, a large crowbar, metal pipes and an incredibly large and heavy sledgehammer. Most of it was heavy but went well and was great fun!

It was really fun! But very tiring, even though I was only there for 20 minutes. You could also connect the phone to speakers and play music. This was a good workout, and much more tiring than I thought it would be.

Above you can see me after the smash room, sweaty and bloody, but happy because it was a lot of fun too. Worth a try!

Day 2:

Breakfast! <3 Was a buffet with lots of different things. Very good food and good drinks.

Oslo City:

I started the day by going to a shopping mall. Here I bought, among other things, jewelery and make-up. I watched for a while before I got tired and went home to the hotel.

Then it was dinner:

I decided to go to the restaurant/bar right next to the hotel, you could walk from the hotel inside and straight into the Bar and Dinner. Here there was a bar where they served pizza. I bought The Wall pizza that had cheese and mushrooms on it and took it to the room. I was watching a movie at the same time. When I was going to eat the pizza, I ate one piece and was on my second when I thought it tasted strange. It turned out that they used a different type of cheese on the pizza. I don't know how, but it wasn't good. I didn't like it.

But as I said, it's a matter of taste and preference, what you like yourself. Well, I ended up eating noodles for dinner instead.

Next on the list is the Drag Show!

What is Drag and Drag show:


Drag is usually defined as a temporary change of gender expression, i.e. acting as a different gender, preferably when performing on stage, see drag show. The origin of the word is somewhat unclear, but it is believed to come from the time when long dresses were used that dragged along the ground (drag means to drag). https://sml.snl.no/drag 

Drag Show:

A drag show is a stage performance where the artists perform dressed as the opposite sex, most often in a dramatic or outrageous way. It is most common for men to act as heavily made-up and decorated women, called drag queens, but there are also female drag artists who are often called drag kings. https://snl.no/dragshow 

My definition: You can dress up as another person, an alter ego if you wish, and mime to various songs while dancing/acting/comedy, singing. You can create a performance based on this, depending on what you want and are good at yourself.

The drag show:

Before going to the drag show, I spent some time putting on my make-up. Got some help with the makeup. I thought I had gone a bit overboard with the makeup, so I didn't use the glitter spray on the hair, which I later regretted. Since it was close to Halloween, several people had dressed up in Halloween costumes, some had dressed in drag, some had lights, glitter or pearls in their hair. Glitter dresses, glitter jumpers etc. And here I come in suit trousers and suit jacket with a slightly nicer jumper. So I was underdressed even though there was a lot of make-up and decorations for me.

This was my very first Drag show! Very exciting! Had never been to Oslo spektrum before, the entrance was easy to find as it was right next to the hotel. But after I entered the entrance and had to find the door to where my place was, it took a while. I had to ask myself quite often before I got to the right place. I sat in row 12 so not directly in front of the tendon but several rows further back. Here there were vertical seats or 45% angle on the seats was high, high up. I don't have a fear of heights so it didn't bother me, but those who struggle with it will struggle a bit when they are sitting this far in the back.

I got popcorn and drinks before the show started. At 8 p.m

I have never physically been to a drag show before, but have watched Rue Paul's Drag Race, and they were the ones who performed on stage in little Norway. Fantastic! They were very good, and it was great fun to be there to watch. They lip-synched a lot (mimed singing to various songs and lines), they had plays, videos, danced and much more. The only thing was that I sat a little far back so everything was not so easy to see. There were two large screens next to the stage so those who sat far back could see properly too. But the person who filmed only filmed some people and not the person who danced and was present there and then so it was a bit disappointing. It was a bit bad, you have to be present in the moment.

The Drag Race artists are mostly men who dress as ladies, dance, and mime to the songs with their own mouths. They have a common thread, acting, first the local drag artists perform, and after this those who were in Rue Paul's Drag Race! They pulled the audience onto the stage, created a small competition between two people, one was dressed entirely in blue and the other in pink, they danced and lip-synched about fighting, and the blue won. When they finished they got goodie bags. It was fun. The audience claps, laughs, smiles, is moved and much more throughout the show. It was special at the same time as there was a very good atmosphere almost all the time. Worth a visit! It was great fun!

After the show I had a drink/coke, then went back to the hotel. It was a little before Kl; 00, then I decided I wanted a photoshoot.

Started by taking pictures inside the hotel before going out.

In summary, I took pictures in front of Spektrum, in the park right next to the hotel, and inside the hotel room. It was fun, and I got some nice pictures out of it.

When I was done, I could take off my makeup. It turned out that the eyeshadow I had bought in Oslo City was not allergy-friendly, because my eyelids were still pink when I had taken off the make-up, and it really stung! So be careful what you buy, and try it out beforehand. That's what happens.

After this, I watched a little film and ate sweets, then it was night.

Day 3:

For breakfast I ate a slice of bread with bacon and a pancake, it was good! I relaxed in the room, before checking out and sitting down to wait for the bus.

I took the Valdres express when it went all the way home to Hallingby. I get so car sick that it's tiring, but it's worth it in the long run when you're at the destination you want and when you've made it back home.

Then the weekend is over.

All in all, a cosy, fun, exciting weekend with both smash room, drag show and photo shoot! Worth going there and doing the various activities I have written about.