Japan day 20


Today I went to the hotel Star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport, I got there around 11, but check-in wasn't until 15. So just handed over the luggage and got to my feet and looked in the area the hotel was in. The hotel was right next to the train station, maybe 200 meters away.

The Mall:

On the way, I found out that the hotel was 10 minutes away from a kind of shopping center with many different shops, food, clothes, duty-free, etc., but in the middle of the shopping center there was a large Ferris wheel, and some small carousels for children.

I bought myself cold cocoa with cream and caramel, it was actually quite good and I sat down at a table there. When I felt done I moved on to a beach.

Marble Beach:

At Marble Beach, it was full of shiny stones. There were benches right before the "sand" and a bit up in the forest behind, with the viewpoints. I sat on a bench, relaxed and listened to music and a podcast. Also wrote down a bit about my experiences that I had on the trip in my notebook, as well as some school work.

Sat on the beach there for quite a while before I went back to the mall again to buy food, ended up at McDonalds. When it was 3pm I was ready to check in at the hotel.

The hotel: Star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport

The hotel is the biggest hotel I have ever seen. I had a room on the 44th floor and it's not even at the top of the hotel. My room was ridiculously big with a fantastic view, a fridge with a couple of water bottles, etc. Amazing! And what a view! You can see the view from my room in the last three pictures above.

All in all, a quiet but lovely day. Looked at the shopping centre, tried cold cocoa with cream and caramel, with ice cubes in it was actually quite good! Sitting on the beach and looking out to sea, it was nice to have a little extra wind as it was incredibly hot today too. I enjoyed sitting on the beach and writing in my notebook, is this what I will be doing when I travel? Being able to work and travel at the same time sounds pretty good if you ask me. The day was good, and you should have been at the hotel, gigantic, incredibly large and beautiful room, at a reasonable price so that was good.