Japan day 16 and 17 Universal Studios 


Day 16: Incredibly nice amusement park

It was really big, I've never seen such a big amusement park and with so many different movie themes, such as Hollywood, Jurrasic Park, Minions, and more. It was really cool! I looked around first, thene I was going to take my first carousel.

Was still in the Hollywood area. Before I could enter the queue on the first carousel, I had to check if I was too fat or not in a seat, luckily it went well and I was able to take the carousel. It's better to know before you've stood in line for a long time and might not be able to take it anyway.

I was in Jurrasik Park, Minion World, Spiderman carousel, Harry Potter. I didn't always know what kind of carousel or experience it was because there was such a long queue, on one "carousel" in Harry Potter World, I stood in line for 20min, and when i was there it was a small show of 2min and where you could choose a wand you had to pay for. Wasn't worth the 20 minutes for me, as I wasn't supposed to have a wand😂 But it went well, there were many carousels and a lot of other things to see in this world too.

It was really hot today, and fortunately there were fans that spurted some water here and there, cold cooling zones, and buildings with cooling, there were also carousels that splashed water when you took them. You got really wet, but dried quickly as it was so hot.

I went to the amusement park alone, but I didn't feel lonely because the queue went faster for those who were alone, so most people took that queue anyway. There is a queue for people who want to sit next to each other, a queue for those who are alone, and another queue for people who have "sneak in line tickets". Good system, long queues anyway as there were a lot of people here, but it was worth it!

Day 17:

Carousels again today.

Was at Jurrasic Park where I took several carousels and ate spareribs, it was very good. Everything was within the theme of this park.

Bought souvenirs in the minion world for family and friends, there was a lot of fun and nice here such as key rings, cooling towel, pens with funny figures, teddy bears and more. As you can see below: In the very first picture, the minions sell drinks which are lemon slush among other things.

Took a lot of rides and enjoyed the day before I ended up going inside to see a show. Only found out the show was called beetlejuice when I was sitting in the audience. Regardless of what they said, just followed a crowd and ended up here.

The show was in Japanese so I didn't understand much, as I had only practiced a few words before the trip. Hello = Conitiwa, Thank you - Arigato Goisaimas, and a few more words. I would have liked to have practiced the language a little more before I left, but I didn't. Suddenly everyone stood up and took the wave, and me and a couple of others sat there in the middle and didn't understand a damn thing, hehe. The show was good, there were good singers. The songs were in English, the rest in Japanese. Was worth it in the long run.

After this I went out of the amusement park and bought some food at the grocery store before heading back to the hotel.

Here I relaxed, wrote on the blog and watched films, it was lovely.

All in all, a good day with an amusement park, scary, fun carousels, shows, and good food. Nice to be able to relax and enjoy yourself afterwards too.

Here are the souvenirs I bought on the trip both for family, friends and colleagues. Also bought a few things for myself, but I did that another day.