Japan day 18


Hotel exchange, Ferris wheel, shopping center and aquarium.

Today I had to change hotels, so I had breakfast first, finished packing and was out of the hotel before 10. I was going to take both the train and the subway, but struggled a bit to find a ticket for the Subway because here you couldn't use the JR ticket, but found that I could only enter the end station on the ticket machine.

Arrived at the capsule hotel, Atarayo Osaka. Check-in was not until 16, so I dropped off my luggage and went back to the train station and took the subway to the Osaka Aquarium. But when I got to the aquarium, it didn't open until 3pm. Since it was only 11 o'clock, I chose to go to the shopping mall and have a look. As I looked around, I found that a Ferris wheel was close by, so of course I had to take it. I'm not really that fond of Ferris wheels, but I had to "kill some time".

Ferris wheel:

I was sitting all alone in the ferris wheel so I felt a bit lonely. There were two types of carriages to choose from, one with a closed floor and one with "glass". Of course, I took it with a closed floor, as I think it's scary just to sit there. When the wheel started going I didn't understand why I had even sat on it, as it is one of two things I don't like about amusement parks. The other one I don't like is the log carousel. I love anything in theme parks with speed and excitement, but I don't like these two. Irrational fear, but real now and then, and I got to challenge it. It also went really well, didn't fall out and got back down on the ground in one peace.

Now I sit on the steps next to the aquarium and write. It's incredibly hot today too, but luckily there's some wind.

Then I went into the shopping center looked around a bit again, before I sat down in a cafe, where I bought a pancake with cream, banana and chocolate. It was delicious, but powerful. Was so worth it!


Finally I came to the aquarium itself. There was an incredible amount to see, everything from tiger sharks to crocodiles, snakes and penguins. Here there were also stamps shaped like figures from the sea. It was the children and I who collected those stamps. So it was a bit embarrassing, but I wanted to bring all the memories that I can. The only thing that was stupid about the aquarium was that there were so many people there that it was difficult to look at what you wanted. You had to stand in a queue or find a hatch here and there, which ruined a bit of the experience.

When I walked out of the aquarium, I saw flame throwers having a show, it looked really cool!

Then I checked into a new place ... Capsule hotel: Atarayo osaka

I went back to the capsule hotel again. At the hotel, you were given slippers, towels and plushies that you could change every day at the reception. Here I got a small room, inside a dormitory. I got a the top bunk, even though it was a single room. There was a thin wall that separated. Thought of washing clothes, but didn't have enough cash so had to wait. Close to the dormitory was the food area where I ate a sandwich and sausage from 7/11, as it is not allowed to eat inside the room. There were several showers and toilets in the hallway. The first 6 pictures are the room and an example of the hatch my room was, where I was lying in an upper bunk, so you can see the dressing table which was at the bottom of the room. There were also common areas where you could bring your food and eat there as well as watch TV, or just relax.

All in all, a good day with a change of hotel, aquarium, ferris wheel, shopping and good dessert. Cool to see flamethrowers. It was exciting to see the aquarium, but a bit tiring as there were so many people at once so that you didn't always get a good look at what you paid to see. Scary with a ferris wheel but good to kill time with. In summary, it was an exciting day where you were able to challenge your fears, have new experiences of both food and experiences, so it was worth it!