Japan day 19 - Rest Day


Rest day:

Here is an example of a rest day I took. There were so many experiences the day before, so I needed to relax a bit. But since I lived in a small capsule with incredibly thin walls, it wasn't as easy to relax when the neighbor could even hear me turning over in bed.

The hotel or hostel was still hotel atarayo osaka

Well, well, it started with me waking up early, then getting up and tidying up, before going out and buying food. I went to sleep again and ate some food. Also washed some clothes today, as I had just the amount one needed for the washing machine (100 yen). While the clothes were being washed, I sat at a table in the hall and followed it, while I ate food and wrote in my notebook about this journey. When the washing was finished, I put it in the dryer.

When everything was done I went back into my room, continued writing in my notebook, posted some posts from Japan on instagram and snapchat.

Then I lay straight with music in my ears. Even if you have a fantastic time on tour, you can have a "bang" and need a proper break every now and then, and you need to "recharge your battery" for the next part.

All in all, a relaxing day, where I rested my body and head, was creative, listened to music and just took it easy. It was delicious and the body needed it today.