Japan day 21


Today was the last full day in Japan, so I decided to do something. In the end, I ended up taking the subway to Osaka Zoo.

A bit about Osaka tennoji zoo: https://www.tennojizoo.jp/ 

Osaka Tennoji Zoo opened on January 1, 1915, and has a long history of over 100 years. The zoo has around 1,000 animals of around 180 species on an area of approximately 11 hectares and attracts many visitors as an urban oasis.

The method of "habitat environment exhibits" used by Osaka Tennoji Zoo is popular among people: in this method, the landscape of the habitat of animals is recreated as much as possible to show that the animals live in the environment similar to their habitat. The "habitat environment exhibits" method is used in different zones, including Penguin Park & Sea Lion Wharf, IFAR (Reptile House), and the African savanna zone where animals such as hippos, giraffes and lions live, allowing visitors to feel the natural environment where different types of animals live .

In addition, Osaka Tennoji Zoo holds various events, such as Feeding Times that allow visitors to watch animals cheerfully eat their food. During the guinea pig observation time (on a first-come, first-served basis, recommended age: primary school students and up), visitors can also enjoy the guide of the zookeeper in charge. There are also some seasonal events to welcome visitors to Tennoji Zoo, such as the Limited-Time-Only Night Zoo and other events specific to each season.

The zoo was huge! It was divided into different parts, according to country and animal species.

There were vending machines with both drinks and ice cream. It was like shave ice, and it was good.

Felt like I was walking and walking and walking. There was everything from domestic animals such as hamsters, horses and sheep, to giraffes and zebras, bears, monkeys and birds(++++). Not sure if I'm that fond of zoos, but there was a lot to see and experience, you could meet animals up close. Loves animals, but a bit allergic and doesn't like them being in captivity, but that's life.

There was also a museum inside the zoo with animals, e.g. amphibians, bats, exotic animals and animals that we have at home in Norway.

In addition, there was a place (at the museum) where you could take a form and look at the animals and answer questions about this, so that you could win something... it was in Japanese, you could use google translate but the internet went on strike a bit so I understood nothing. As I said, I should have learned more Japanese before I went here, but I didn't, so I gave up right there on answering those questions.

After that I bought food and went back to the hotel. Delicious and great hotel. Relaxed, watched a movie, packed a bit and enjoyed the last time at the hotel!

All in all, an exciting day when you could see so many different animals, and learn about them.