Japan day 22: The journey home


From the hotel to the airport:

There was a free bus from the hotel to the airport so I left at 8am when my flight was due to leave at 11.00 from Kansai Airport. Got to where you were supposed to check in and looked at the board .. shit, here I had stepped on a giant blister. The flight did not leave at 11 in the morning, but at 11 in the evening. 23.00, there is a time difference between Japan and Norway, here I was quite upset and disappointed with myself.

Was at the airport until the flight was due to leave, bought food and drink, went to starbucks to charge my phone, chatted with people etc but was exhausted.

Finally the plane entrace opens soon ... I was in the wrong queue so almost ended up at the back, today was not my day. Finally got checked in, intended to use up my Japanese cash at the airport on duty free in Japan, but was too late in the day so everything was closed! I hadn't thought of that, of course.

Then went by plane from Japan to Finland, long flight now too but felt a little less nauseous this time. Sat in the middle of one of the rows, but a lady asked to switch with me because her children were going to sit there, I said yes because I had the worst seat anyway, so got a new seat, middle row but at the end of the row, it was lovely. The lady thanked me when the flight was finished, but I almost should have thanked her, because a slightly better seat actually helps.

Then changed planes, here I had to hurry a bit because I only had an hour until the flight was due to leave, this also went well. Here it was far too early in the morning again so the duty free was closed here too, unfortunately. Then went from Finland to Norway, finally!

Mum and Dad picked me up at the airport and drove me to them. Visited my mum and dad and my sister for the rest of the summer holiday, then I went home to myself.