Japan day 8 part 2 - It's not a strip club


We left the venue and took some photos in the kimonos, I felt done early and another in the group also wanted to go back so we went back to the hostel together. 


- Kyoto 


- Bicycle 

- Macho Bar

I relaxed a bit before Comfort asked if I should relax now or if I wanted to join on a bike ride. Said that I would like to join the bike ride, so it began. We found two different types of bikes, both of which you had to download an app to get the bike out, we struggled quite a bit because suddenly we didn't have wifi, so we couldn't log in etc. So we tried to find a cafe with wifi and then we saw a guy on a bicycle, with a skateboard in his hand, who biked as fast as he could, while two policemen ran after him and "caught" him. No idea what it was but it was exciting for us. Eventually we also saw more police officers running towards where the guy on the bike was, they didn't run straight across the road, they waited for a green pedestrian light and quickly ran on across the pedestrian crossings. Anyway, it took us a few hours to get the bike free, and when we were about to give up, another guy came and tried to help us, but didn't get it right away. So in the end we paid him so that he could rent bikes on his app for the day, so that we could ride, paid 3000yen (224NOK) in total for the whole day. He was very kind because he couldn't know if we would return the bikes again, of course we did, but he couldn't be sure. 

Then we cycled, the seat was far too high so I was about to fall over, before I got it fixed. Was quite wobbly at the start, felt like I hadn't cycled for years. Now cycling and pictures were the thing, we took videos of each other cycling, cycled down towards a small beach and water, stopped and took pictures and really had a lot of fun. Was almost the best part of the trip, lovely that it was just us, that you didn't have to stress, in a way got a break from experiences, noise and more. Had a good time and likes everyone, but you need a break now and then. It was good that you could take it easy. 

Then went back to the hostel and sorted ourselves out as soon as we could, before the trip continued to the Macho Bar, here there were three men with a lot of testosterone. This is not a strip club, but a bar where they make fun of themselves and their muscles so we can have fun. Here you are simply carried in the door, no matter how big or small you are, they are very strong. They mashed, among other things, peanuts, lemon, melon everything they could mash, while saying something funny or using their muscles to smash things, it was actually great fun so we laughed and laughed and laughed. Here we were divided into two groups by the way due to not so much space and there are 22 of us in the group. I went with the first group. It was so much fun, but since I was laughing, and had strained myself by walking a lot uphill, and cycling and all in the same day, my throat really tightened, I could hardly breathe, so I had to go home to the temple. A bit unfair that my asthma should ruin so much for me, but that's how it is sometimes. You could also pay a little extra to get a Polaroid picture with someone who worked at the bar, or say a word so they did something, was a list of words you could say and things they could do. 

All in all a fantastic day with great temples, lovely photos, trying on kimonos, bike ride that started tiring as we spent so much time fixing bikes, but ended up being one of the very best experiences of the whole trip, to the funniest bar I ever been on. One of the best days, I think, even if my asthma ruined a bit of the experience.