New Years Resolutions


My New Year's resolutions and goals for the new year. At the end of 2024, I will review them, see if they have been met and set new goals for 2025.

1. Start Journaling, when something happens. Journaling what is it? A kind of impersonal diary about what happens this year. Things that are important to me.

2. Make a travel journal (travel diary) From every place you are visiting.

3. Get fixed training days a week.

4. Get up at a fixed time every day. At 8, 9

5. Eat better (healthier) and at regular times.

6. Go for at least one walk every day (preferably in the morning).

7. Start an Online Business.

8. Start and make money from your business.

9. Post a post on tiktok every day.

10. Do at least one thing every day. Can be anything from small to large things. Eg; Read a book, drink water, go on interrail.