Solo dates to better the mood 1 Explenation


Hello! <3

First I want to say thank you to everyone who reads the blog, or/and looks at my social media tiktok, snapchat and instagram where my name is reiseroglivet Thank you very much!

Now I'm going to tell you a bit about what I mean by solo dates and how I came up with this:

It started when I looked at Tiktok, there are some people who do one thing every day to improve their health, and it works! So I thought I'd try, but make my own twist on it by drawing a note about what I'm going to do every day. Most of it is free to do, and something most people have at home. Some cost something, and a few of them are very expensive and are something I have to do when I have the opportunity and money to do so.

In addition, I found inspiration from my own Christmas calendar. But instead of making snow lanterns and snow figures, I chose to make day to day activities/solo date ideas. (I made the Christmas calendar on the website Canva. https://www.canva .com I have only used the free program).

To make this I used:

A small cardboard box, as I had one lying around since I had bought something that was inside it. You can use whatever you want as long as you are creative (e.g. plain paper and divide it, cardboard boxes, popsicles, among other things).

For someone who has seen my posts on social media, I received a box with an incredible amount of photos that I ordered from fotoknudsen  Great site to order and make photo albums, photos, calendars, among other things. The point is that the box I got the pictures in is the box I cut up and made as activities. Tried to make color codes based on them, but gave up when I had a bit too many activities and a bit too few pieces, so it turned out the way it did.

My process for creating solo activities and activities you can do with others. Adapt it to yourself.

1. You have to cut the box into many small parts.

2. Then painted all the parts first on one side, then the other, they dried quickly so got to paint them all in one day.

3. First drew some of the parts but realized that I should write the activities on very first.

4. Draw strange patterns/drawings on them (depending on what you want and how good you are, it doesn't have to be incredibly pretty as long as it's yours and you're happy with it).

5. Then put it in a box/bag, jar (depending on what you have and want to keep it in).

6. Draw notes from day to day.

7. Carry out the activities.


- You get up in the morning.

- You feel better and happier.

- You feel you can do something.

- You can listen to music while doing something creative.

- By using time to do something fun, you also have more stamina.


- It is tiring and having to do something every single day, regardless of whether it is a small thing or not.

- It can get boring.

- Other tasks such as laundry can get lost because you have chosen to be creative instead, it can pile up.