Solo Roadtrip Norway to Sweeden


I use google maps as a map reader. GetYourGuide for finding activities, as well as google maps and

May 25 Roadtrip to Sweeden

I started by driving from Hallingby to Nordby hotel, which is right next to Norby shopping center on the Swedish border. After checking into the hotel, I went to the mall and bought myself sparibs and salty licorice that I took to my room. I got a large hotel room, as well as a porch where you could sit outside if you wanted. The parking is right next to the hotel as you see in the picture and it is free. Nordby hotel is 2 hours from my home town. 

At Nordby hotel I paid 1095 Swedish kronor for one night.

At Nordby hotel, a breakfast buffet is included with the purchase, so of course I ate eggs and bacon. It was good!

May 26. Aeroport museum and check-in at Forenom Aparthotel Gotenburg.

The next day I went to the hotel located in Gothenburg. Here I was going to stay 3 nights, at Hotel Forenom Aparthotel Gotenburg. On the way there I figure out that there is an airport museum so I drive there first, as I can't check in at the hotel until 4pm. The museum is called the Aeroport Museum.

It cost 130 Swedish kronor to enter the museum and 20 Swedish kronor for parking. In other words, 150 Swedish kronor in total for the whole experience. Here you drive to a counter and pay there, while sitting in the car, before driving a couple of meters further to the parking lot. Plenty of space to park.

It is an underground museum, as it seems that the museum is in a huge bunker. It shows the history of the various aircraft's and how they have evolved. There are planes, hellicopters, lifesaving boats, cars and more. There is a bit about war history in the museum itself in addition to the main focus which is the airplane. It is possible to interact with some parts of the exhibition. Some aircraft are we allowed to sit inside, in addition to pressing buttons here and there so that there is sound from some of the exhibits. There were also puzzles you could solve if you wanted to, but it was mainly for children. It was also possible for a guided tour if you wished. I was a little late for that, so I went and looked alone.

There was a café and toilet inside the museum itself. To get to the toilet you had to go further into the bunker, on the way you could interact with a couple of displays of exhibits and press a big red button, then it was as if they were going to take off. There was an exhibition inside the bunker and at the viewpoint in the area. As well as benches and seating here and there, both outside and inside. All in all, a great museum, where you get to know more about the history of air transport, you get to look at different aircraft and model aircraft. It is also possible to look up the various exhibitions online, which is good. But it's probably even better to be there physically. At least I think so.

After the museum on the way to the hotel, I was going to take another way to the hotel, to have a look at a flower garden, instead I got lost in the middle of Gothenburg city centre. It took me a whole hour to find my way. I felt stressed when I did not know where i was, but you always find your way in the end, so it went well. It is something you learn from.

There are no keys at this hotel, but you will receive a code by sms from the time you can check in, which here was 4pm. There were many corridors and rooms, so a bit difficult to find your way inside the hotel. But eventually got there too. Had room number 108, entered the code and entered.

It was a very large hotel room, with a refrigerator. But no breakfast, but there is a restaurant at the hotel. This is an airport hotel at the airport itself, so is really for those who are going to take an airplane, i figured out. There is  opportunities to wash clothes, eat together in the common area and more here.  Here there is parking right outside the hotel, but you have to pay through Easypark. Costs approx. 50 Swedish kronor for an evening and a day. I booked the hotel through and it costed 2025 Swedish kr for three nights.

May 27. Liseberg Amusement Park

The next day I started google maps and headed for Liseberg amusement park. I had booked 2-day tickets in advance, so I just needed to scan the ticket outside the entrance hall and it printed out the wristband. The wristband is the ticket that one must show at most attractions. Bought an "all in one ticket" which cost 495kr. Depends entirely on the actual day you go there in terms of price.

I love amusement parks, everything to do with speed and excitement, and new things. But honestly, it was a bit lonely to go to a place like that all by yourself. I went on rides and enjoyed myself, but when I stood in the queues and others talked, I felt very alone. Not a great feeling exactly. But pulled myself together and tried to enjoy it too, so I bought myself a Churro with sugar and chocolate, good but powerful, can be divided into at least two.

Took some rides and on one Valkyrie you had to lock your bag in a closet and pay for it by taking your bank card and getting a receipt, to unlock it again you had to scan the receipt. Cost approx. 5 swedish kronor for 2h. In some carousels you could carry the bag in the carousel itself, others had pockets / cabinets right next to the carousels where you put the valuables in before picking them up on the way out again. There were a lot of people and long queues, but things went quickly.

The only thing that was difficult was when to eat, as most of the dining areas both outside and inside were occupied. But I found my place in the end, then I ate a taco plate. It was also possible to play for winnings there, I didn't take the time for that today. But i was seeing  several other people who carried big wins of both chocolate and teddy bears.

All in all, a nice and exciting trip to the amusement park. It felt a little bit lonely, so would like to have someone with me next time. It was Pentecost weekend so thought the shops closed early but found out that luckily the grocery store was up late so bought some food before I went back home to the hotel.

May 28. Universeum and Liseberg amusement park

The tour started at Universeum, which is the Sweden's national science centre. Here you can interact with most of the exhibitions. There are many stairs, but there is also an elevator. There are several floors, one with science and math, one with aquarium, one with amphibians and one with the body, in addition, the rainforest was in the center of it all. In the rainforest the temperature was different than in the rest of the museum, it was humid and wet simply, because there were tropical birds flying around in there. In other places it was a little colder, so they adjust the temperature to the animals, which is very good. Here you can repeat old knowledge and get new ones, this museum is for absolutely everyone as there are different experiences on each floor and each room. There is also a café on a couple of floors, and toilets can be found on absolutely all floors. The museum cost 220 NOK for a student. You had to scan the ticket both in and out of the area.

When I felt completed at the museum, I went to Liseberg. Which I actually tried to cancel yesterday because I had already been there but it was too late so went there today anyway. A ticket for today cost 395kr. Today was a little more fun going to the amusement park. Even though I was alone, I didn't feel as lonely. Took carousels, tried win chocolate on wheels, unfortunately I didn't get lucky, won nothing. Then I took rides again, challenging my fears too. It's like that launch where caled atmosfear, it went up slowly, was really high up, obviously I have a bit of a fear of heights because I felt it really in my stomach, then you were dropped down. It tickled my stomach.

When I went to pick up the car in the parking garage I didn't find the car right away, got a little stressed, finally I found out it was the wrong floor so had to go back downstairs, and then I found the car. After that, my phone stopped working, it said you had to wait 5min, then 10, then 15.

Got really stressed because couldn't remember the way back to the hotell, so I needed the gps and the coordinates of the hotel that was on my phone. So I had to wait that time, luckily it worked after the 15 minutes, so I could plot the coordinates and then go to the hotel again. Now my legs ache and I'm sickly tired, like to be active when I'm on a trip, but sometimes I exaggerate a little. I would like to experience as much as I can when I have the opportunity, it makes me maybe get a little extra tired.

May 29. Nordby shopping centre and return home

Then the day was coming, when i chould go home. Traveled to Nordby shopping centre again to buy some groceries and soft drinks, and then went home to the family.

All in all, a great tour of the universeum (science museum), the amusement park Liseberg, the Aeroseum (the airplane museum), two different hotels and more. Relaxed, experienced something, tried driving abroad. Though I got lost just about every day, even at the hotel, but I always found my way back. My first road trip from Norway to Sweden alone, although I was a bit lonely at times I had a great time too. Could do whatever I wanted when I wanted it and that was the best.