Here I went with my best friend Tirill to the Amusementpark Tusenfryd, in Norway. The goal was to take all the rides. We left home at 8.30, but had a bit to arrange first so we were at Tusenfryd at 10.45, 15min after opening hours, then the park was open until 16. Today 05.06.2023 was an incredibly hot day. So we took  sunscreen on, and drank lots of water and soda! Yet it was incredibly hot, so hot that it felt like you were being roasted by the sun. You got a little extra tired of this too. But all in all, an amazing experience. We had a really good time, and was so exitet that we seemed like little children.

In terms of food and drink's, almost everything was closed, since that's before the holiday season begins. There were some stalls selling some candy and popcorn etc, and a pizza restaurant was upstairs, as well as one selling sandwiches and buns. We ended up buying sandwiches and candy.

We started with Speed Monster

Speed Monster, starts by standing completely still before taking you from 0 to 90km per hour in two seconds. During the trip, you are weightless seven times and hang upside down three times. It tickles in your stomach, as you get a lot of adrenaline. Here you can buy a picture after the trip if you wish.

The Swings as we call it, but it's real name is Sverre.

It starts with you being hoisted up, before it goes round and round, higher and lower, before going down to the ground again. A quiet, delicious carousel.


Red track with yellow carriages, and the loop opened in 1988, then with a different name. The name was Tornado and it lasted until 1998. It starts by going up slowly before going down quickly and rolling around through the loop.



We call it the wooden roller coster as it is built of wood. Top speed of almost 100km per hour, the drops are very steep, and you are weightless 12 times. Was much faster than we remembered it as, and steep, it really tickled in the stomach! Here you can also buy a picture of yourself, after the trip. 


A water attraction with rapids, waterfalls and a maelstrom. 1.3 million liters of water fill the river bed, and two large pumps push 4,400 liters of water per second. You sit in one of nine rafts, which take nine people each. There were four of us in our fleet, two and two who knew each other. It was incredibly hot this day, so it was nice to cool down a bit. Although it was a quiet roller coster, we thought it was very funny. 


Is one of the world's highest and steepest water roller coasters. The course is 320 meters long, has two drops and ends up hitting the water at 75km/h from a height of five metres. It starts by going uphill before going steeply down into the water so that the water is sent many meters away. It was fun!


SpinSpider (We forgot to take pictures of this).

The second carousel of this type to be built in the world, and goes higher and faster than any attraction in Norway. It goes from one side to the other, and the wheel you sit in spins a little. It goes 44m into the air on each side, at a speed of up to 115km per hour. When you are at the top, you sit halfway up. A constant feeling of weightlessness. This one was a bit scary, almost felt like you were going to fall out of it, but you didn't. Also seemed very high up when you were at the top, but it is worth taking this carousel for the adrenalin.


Snacks pause

Chips, soda and popcorn! <3 It was good. 

Then we go to the next part, a part called DragonVille 

Here we found STORM

Then we go to the next part, a part called DragonVille Europe's first Inverted Triple Launch Coaster. Here, the carriages are mounted under the rails, so you have your legs dangling freely during the entire trip. Triple Launch means you accelerate three times during the ride. It was like a belt only on the stomach. Here the carousel started by going fast and high forward before it does the same thing backwards, and then goes incredibly fast forward again, then it goes up and here and there. We thought we were going to love this carousel as it had everything we love about carousels, but we didn't like it. I don't know if it was because the belt pressed so badly on the stomach, or if it went around and up and down a little too many times so that it felt as if all the organs changed places, but I got a little dizzy and nauseous when we took this. We even took it twice to check if it was because we were a little nervous that we felt a little nauseous, but after the second time our stomachs hurt so much that we were done for the rest of the day. In this carousel you can buy a photo of yourself, but you have no idea where in the carousel the photo was taken because it moves so incredibly fast.

Then we finished with SpaceShot

As we call the launch. Here you are launched 65 meters upwards, with 5,000 horsepower. At the top, you get a great view before you are lifted a little down and then lifted up a little again, before it slowly descends again. Went up really fast, it was fun and a little stressful. Heard "I hate you Elise" while we were sitting there, because someone was a little extra nervous, but by then it was too late to withdraw. It was worth it then.

SpaceShot was the last carousel we managed to take. We weren't feeling too good after Storm really so we took a short five minute break before finishing with SpaceShot. Then the park closed in not too long and we felt done for the day. All in all, a fantastic day with lots of adrenaline and new experiences, as well as good food and drink, with good company.